Demonstrate your commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. We understand the significance of early exposure to technology in shaping young minds. As part of your dedication to fostering a diverse and innovative workforce, we propose collaborating on the “Empower HER in Tech” Employee Appreciation Program. This program aims to encourage and support all you employees’ children to explore the dynamic world of computer science and technology, while placing a special emphasis on the needs and interests of girls.

The state of women tomorrow depends on the state of the girl today.

Building confidence and exposing girls to the creative side of computer science reverses the gender-based confidence gap that otherwise widens as girls transition from middle to high school.

Program Components

Annual “BUILD HER” tech event for employees’ children:

Once a year, we will organize a special “Tech Day” event exclusively for the children of your employees with a particular focus on the needs and interests of girls. This event will feature engaging and interactive workshops, demonstrations, and activities related to computer science, coding, robotics, and other tech-related fields tailored to your industry. The event will be designed to be fun, educational, and inclusive, inspiring the children to see the endless possibilities in tech. 

On Tech Day, we will directly engage employees’ children in a coding event focused on promoting bravery, understanding, imagination, leadership, and determination. During this event, children will have the opportunity to work on exciting coding projects, tackle challenges, and collaborate with their peers. The weekend will be filled with hands-on activities that encourage the development of essential skills, fostering girls’ confidence and curiosity in the world of technology. 

Scholarships and Coding Resources:

For those children who express a strong interest in pursuing computer science further, we will offer scholarships or sponsorships to attend coding camps, workshops, or online programs through HER Academy, allowing girls to continue their learning journey independently.


  1. Introduce young girls to computer science: The program aims to provide hands-on experiences in computer science and technology to young girls, igniting their interest and passion for the field from an early age.
  2. Foster mentorship and support: By involving your employees as mentors, we seek to create a supportive environment for the girls, offering guidance, encouragement, and inspiration throughout their exploration of computer science.
  3. Cultivate a diverse talent pipeline: Through “Empower HER in Tech,” we aspire to contribute to a more diverse future tech workforce by nurturing the talents and confidence of young girls, irrespective of their background or prior exposure to technology.