Internship Program for High School Seniors


HER Academy is taking a group of high school seniors to California to learn more about the tech industry. We’re looking to partner with companies interested in being a part of our tech company tour and/or in hosting one or two high school seniors* for a two-week shadowing opportunity in May.  The students are all currently taking an AP computer science course and are thinking about a STEM major in college. The purpose of the tour and shadowing opportunity would be to expose young women to tech companies–showing them both what jobs and company culture would look like if they chose to go into the technology field.  

*Note: All students are 18 and willing to sign NDAs.

Expectations for the Company

To participate in the internship program, your company will need to provide a sponsor who will guide the student through the program at your company.

Sponsors need to: 

  1. Work with the student to figure out the exact days and times when the student would come in to your office.  Many students need to take AP exams during this time, so there might be days when they will not be able to come in.  It also might not make sense for the student to be at your company for the full day. Working together, you should come up with a schedule that makes sense for the two of you.
  2. Help the student to plan a daily schedule.  Schedules could include:
    • Team and project meetings that the student can observe
    • 1:1s with people throughout the company.  Students will greatly benefit from being able to sit down with people from different departments and different levels in the company to talk about their jobs.
    • Some free time for students to compile their learnings from the day and prepare any questions or follow-up meetings they might want.
    • Daily check-in with the sponsor.
  3. Have daily 1:1 time with the student.  The expectation for the student is that she will be learning about the company and the business.  Students will be trying to understand how the company solves problems and meets the needs of its customers.  A daily 1:1 will allow the student to talk through her findings with her sponsor, asking any questions she might have and getting feedback on her thoughts.  (This will also allow the sponsor to discuss which of the student’s insights and learnings fall under her NDA and how she can appropriately talk about the things she’s learned outside of the company.) 

Expectations for the Student

HER Academy will provide students with two worksheets: one for team/project meetings and one for 1:1s.  These worksheets will give students an idea of the questions they should be able to answer after the meeting and help them to focus their attention during the meeting. (Sponsors can feel free to modify these worksheets as necessary!)  During any free time the students have, they should be compiling notes they’ve taken during meetings, preparing for their next meetings, and preparing a list of outstanding questions.

At the end of the program, students create a short presentation for their peers where they discuss what they’ve learned in the program.  On their last day at the company, students should talk with their sponsor to make sure their presentation will not violate any company NDAs.  (Students can always present on what they’ve learned in general (i.e. how companies find and solve problems) rather than the specific problems and solutions that were discussed at the company.)

Company Tour

Can’t commit to hosting an intern this year?  We’re also looking for companies in the SF Bay Area to host our group for a tour and a short Q&A with the girls after!  We’re especially interested in:

  • companies in the MedTech field
  • social media companies
  • companies with women on their executive team


We’d love to hear from you!  Please contact for more information.