Jigsaw Activity: Become an expert

  1. Place large number labels (1-5) in different areas of the room.
  2. Divide students into groups of 5-6. Distribute printed out “Chromebook Care” cards to each group, making sure each group has all five cards represented.
  3. Have students go to the area that matches the number on their card. Give them two minutes to read their card and figure out what they want to tell their table group about the aspect of Chromebook care that their area covers.
  4. Before you have them return to their table, ask them to put their hands in the air and indicate how many minutes they think it will take them for everyone to share their expertise with each other. In general, about five minutes should do it.
  5. Have students come back to their table groups and take turns telling their table the big idea from their card.
  6. Show students where they can charge their computers. Point out the light that indicates the Chromebook is charging. They need to make sure that light comes on whenever they charge their computer.